Trullo Cave

Putignano, Bari

Putignano, Bari

Trullo Cave


Splendid Apulian karst cavity that opens just under 1.5 m of rock. It is the first tourist site in Apulia, its discovery dates back to 1931 and established the development of tourism as well as Apulian speleology, opening the way for the numerous discoveries of our territory.

Guided Tour

It is an exciting path, which starts with the entrance from the monumental trulli up to the vertical spiral staircase, with a walkway that winds through a forest of “alabaster” concretions. This is a path led by speleologists who make the discovery of this ancient underground world unique.

Cave length

Vertical development of 19 m and horizontal development of 62 m

Average temperature

15 °C – 59 °F

Duration of the visit

30 minutes

How to find us

SS 172 tratto Putignano-Turi
70017 Putignano (BA)