Su Marmuri Cave

Ulassai, Ogliastra

Ulassai, Ogliastra

Su Marmuri Cave


Ulassai is one of the most characteristic villages of Sardinia, surrounded by “heels”, rocky towers that are 100 meters high on average and dominate steep scree. In this landscape, there is the sinkhole which forms the entrance to the cave. The interior consists of a colossal tunnel that goes on for almost a kilometer. After descending the 200 steps of the initial collapse, the visit continues along a flat path that crosses an infinite series of overflow bowls. The numerous concretions are very particular and their dimensions are always proportionate to those of the environment, therefore gigantic. The presence of the largest colony of bent-wing bat – bat national level, about 27,000 units – is of considerable scientific interest.

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The cave is open from April to October with different times according to the periods.

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Piazzale Grotte sui Marmuri
08040 Ulassai (OG)


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