Stiffe Caves

San Demetrio Ne’ Vestini, L’aquila

San Demetrio Ne’ Vestini, L’aquila

Stiffe Caves


The Stiffe Caves are located inside the Sirente-Velino Park, they can be defined as a “resurgence”, that is a cavity from which a stream flows out. The underground stream, which accompanies the visitor, forms spectacular rapids and waterfalls inside the cavity. Leaving the summer heat, in the cave, you will begin a journey back in time. The cave is alive, still in formation, and reveals its secrets, it shows us its millenary works carved in the rock by water and time. In winter, sheltered from the harsh external temperatures that characterize Abruzzo and L’Aquila, the underground river offers an evocative spectacle creating extraordinary sound and visual effects. Tumultuous and impetuous, the stream announces itself by jumping on the rocks and, in the heart of the cavity, thunderously breaks the rarefied silence, reminding us that the Stiffe Caves are his work. The torrent fascinates us with the spectacle of the waters which, in the large and majestic waterfall hall, makes us experience deep and one-in-a-million emotions.

The extension of the tourist route in August 2007 allowed the visit of a Second Waterfall, whose particularity is given by the width of the room which, smaller than the First one, evocatively accentuates the jet of water that bursts from a height of 20 meters. On the right wall of the room, the three-colored casting seems to transform the beauty of the waterfall into stone and together they descend into the last pond.

Cave length

700 meters

Average temperature

10 °C – 50 °F

Duration of the visit

60 minutes

How to find us

Via del Mulino, 2 – Loc. Stiffe
67028 S. Demetrio ne’ Vestini (L’AQUILA)