Remeron Cave

Barasso – Varese

Barasso – Varese

Remeron Cave


Just 10 minutes by car from Varese, it is possible to enter, in absolute safety and accompanied by expert guides, in the heart of the Campo dei Fiori massif, up to a depth of -48 meters along the spectacularly illuminated tourist route of the Remeron Cave. Present on municipal cartography since the first half of the nineteenth century, however, it was necessary to wait for August 1900 for someone to decide to enter the cavity to carry out a real exploration. They would be, in fact, Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli, Luigi Orrigoni, Don Giacomo Pensotti, and Don Luigi Tadini the first to explore the first part of the Remeron, up to -168 meters, discovering the first of the internal underground lakes which was named after its discoverer: Lake Bertarelli. A succession of explorations and the constant increase in the interest of the local authorities made possible that, in 1914, the cave was opened for tourist visits, with an acetylene lighting system and stone and concrete stairs. Tourist openings continued until the mid-1950s and in the same period, Lake Binda was discovered at an altitude of -220 meters as well as the north branches, over 1.5 km of tunnels leading to a second entrance. The deterioration of light systems and the industrial boom that transformed Comerio and Varese in those years caused the abandonment of mountain activities, including the tourist operation of the Remeron. In 2004 two interventions of the Lombardy Region and Campo dei Fiori Regional Park allowed the reconstruction of the walkways and the installation of a new lighting system, thus starting the new tourist life of Remeron.

Guided Tour

Guided tours take place from April to October. The cave is closed in July and from November to March to protect the wildlife.

From the former Marisa Rossi heliotherapy colony, the southern gateway to Campo dei Fiori Regional Park, visitors will be accompanied through paths 10 and 12 of the park and then enter the Remeron, through a sub-horizontal path that leads to the First Room, characterized from the natural rock bridge. Once overcome the impact with the temperature of 8 °C – 46.4 °F that characterizes the cavity, you will enter the Via del Fondo, where looking at the steep descent of the staircase you can understand the true dimensions of the cave. This leads to a depth of -48 meters and to the series of wells that start the speleological path.

Going up a few meters, you finally arrive at the Great Hall where, every year, Holy Mass is celebrated in front of the statue of the Madonnina degli Abissi.

Cave length

2020 meters, of which 230 meters equipped for tourism

Average temperature

8 °C – 46.4 °F

Duration of the visit

3 hours for the complete excursion

How to find us

Barasso (VARESE)