Pertosa-Auletta Caves

Pertosa, Salerno

Pertosa, Salerno

Pertosa-Auletta Caves


Only 4 kilometers far from Polla (SA) exit on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria Motorway, the Pertosa-Auletta Caves are a milestone for all those who intend to discover the result of the incessant work of water and its dripping. The entrance by boat on the underground river “Negro” makes the visit unique and special. Three tourist routes, easy and safe, are the viaticum for a fairy world, even richer in suggestions, thanks to the new scenographic lighting system, which, with its 3,000 meters of optical fibers and latest generation LED lights, allows the visitor to interpret the work of Nature: work in progress for thirty-five million years. An inviting environment, with equipped areas, qualified services, and orientation to hospitality, for a tourist destination since 1932. The site has a considerable archaeological value, due to the presence of the only currently known pile-dwelling settlement on the heights. The Pertosa-Auletta Caves are periodically an emotional scenery for events and suggestions that enrich the overall tourist offer and color the tourist’s visit with sensations.

Guided Tour

Led by expert guides, you will walk through the caverns dug over millions of years, admiring the incessant workings of the water that continues to shape the cave. Besides, the presence of the Negro underground river will allow you to move by boat. You will travel aboard a barge, rigorously hand-pulled to ensure the environmental sustainability of the visit.

Cave length

3 kilometers

Average temperature

16 °C – 60.8 °F

Duration of the visit

60 to 90 minutes

How to find us

The Angel’s Caves in Pertosa can be reached from: Petina exit on A3 SA-RC Motorway from the north and Polla exit on A3 SA-RC Motorway from the south. Follow the signs for “Grotte di Pertosa/Grotte dell’Angelo”. ~ Buccino exit on Basentana main road towards Pertosa. Follow the signs for “Grotte di Pertosa/Grotte dell’Angelo”. ~ SS delle Calabrie main road towards Auletta/Pertosa.