Onferno Caves

Gemmano, Rimini

Gemmano, Rimini

Onferno Caves


The Onferno Nature Reserve is located in the Province of Rimini. Gently held by the calm hills of the hinterland of the Valconca on the border with Montefeltro, this Reserve is near the Adriatic coast and the Republic of San Marino. It is a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and part of the Natura 2000 Network, the European network for the conservation of biodiversity present in the territory of the European Union. Characterized by stillness and totally immersed in nature, it offers serenity and well-being. The karst complex of the Onferno Caves, known since the 19th century, is considered one of the most important in Italy among the gypsum caves and hosts the most important colony of bats in the region, over 8000 individuals, with eight different protected species. Dug by the waters of a stream throughout millennia, the Caves cross from side to side a large and singular chalk cliff on which the “Castrum Inferni” once stood. Today, it is a small village with a closed court from whose square you can enjoy a wonderful view with San Marino in the background of the Conca Valley and Sassofeltrio perched in the foreground. The territory of the Reserve has very peculiar characteristics thanks to the typical flora of higher altitudes which grows due to the influence of the Caves themselves which have a constant temperature throughout the year of about 12/13 °C – 53.6/55.4 °F. The Reserve is based in the ancient Pieve di Santa Colomba, now restored and used as a Visitor Center and Naturalistic Museum, which is a real paradise for children. There is the Botanical Garden with its paths to the discovery of spontaneous plants and large centuries-old oaks. Next to the Visitor Center are two large squares, one used as a parking lot and the other equipped with tables and benches for picnics or breaks. In Onferno, children and families find the ideal place for their free time since they get adventure, nature, and relaxation in a unique environment.

Cave length

850 meters

Average temperature

12/13 °C – 53.6/55.4 °F

Duration of the visit

60/90 minutes

How to find us

Riserva Naturale Orientata di Onferno
Via Provinciale Onferno, 50
Onferno Castle, Gemmano (RIMINI)