Frasassi Cave

Genga, Ancona

Genga, Ancona

Frasassi Cave


The complex of the Frasassi Caves, inside the Marche Apennines, is one of the most magnificent and fascinating underground routes in the world.

An uncontaminated, hidden and beautiful environment, made up of suggestive spaces rich in extraordinary concretions. A complete underground ecosystem, in which it is still possible to observe the formation of concretions and the drops that dig and build their own architectures and in which life has continued undisturbed for millions of years.

Cyclopic dimensions and transparent concretions similar to crystal arabesques that are reflected on fairy-tale lakes. This is, in a few words, the magic of the Frasassi Caves. The overall length of the Frasassi Caves has been estimated at 30 km and its largest environment, the Ancona Abyss, has a volume of approximately 1,000,000 cubic meters, with a height of 240 meters, so much so that it could accommodate, as the guides recall, even the Milan Duomo.

The dimensions of the concretions are no exception. It is enough to mention the Giants, the gigantic 20 m high stalagmites of the Ancona Abyss, or the huge 15 m stalagmite that stands in the center of the Obelisk Room. The fantastic world of the Caves also fascinates with the spectacle of the Organ Pipe in the Canyon, with the magical scenery of the Candles that are reflected on a lake of crystal clear water and with many Rooms that are offered to our gaze along the suggestive path.

Guided Tour

The part reserved for tourist visits, equipped and easily accessible by everyone, both elderly and accompanied children, in total safety, includes a route of about 1.5 km for about 1 hour and a half of visit. Guided tours are also scheduled in English, German, and French. The Photo Tour is available upon reservation. It is a path designed for photographers, amateur photographers, bloggers, igers, instagramers and Mobile Photography lovers, who will thus have the opportunity to portray some of the most evocative corners of the tourist route with their own equipment.

The more experienced and passionate can choose between two speleo-adventure routes of different degrees of difficulty. The Blue speleo-adventure route, of medium/low difficulty, lasting about 2 hours, also available for children aged 12 or older. The Red speleo-adventure route of medium difficulty, lasting about 3 hours, is recommended for those who have already completed the Blue speleo-adventure route.

The Frasassi Caves are open every day, except December 4th and 25th and from January 10th to 30th due to biological shutdown.

Cave length

30 kilometers, of which 1500 meters equipped for tourism

Average temperature

14 °C – 57.2 °F

Duration of the visit

90 minutes

How to find us

60040 Genga – Ancona